• Jason and Oliver Wade
    Jason and Oliver Wade

    How do u find the pack?

  • Yorbie gaming
    Yorbie gaming


  • Stephen hawkings Football boots
    Stephen hawkings Football boots

    Castro grow up mate

  • fut_eoighann

    Me coming back cause I got fifa 18 for 3 pound cause im bored of fifa 21 🥶

  • Idk

    Lozano is ass

  • Hugo Bromark
    Hugo Bromark

    The fact that hulk has a 86 rated inform with 96 shoting and 94 physical and decent stats FIFA 15 was a good year

  • wavywrld

    14:16 the reaction

  • adaamF_

    wtf im dying

  • Gost1 الخالدي
    Gost1 الخالدي

    I love you and I follow you from two thousand and eighth of Tash and I am from Saudi Arabia Maybe a heart.❤️

  • E- Alien
    E- Alien

    You went all the way here just to see sweden beat the hell out of them in a 3-0 win

  • xZenticPlayz

    19:00 is it just me or does Neymars face look less like a moon

  • Rafeyboi 0
    Rafeyboi 0

    Castro talking shit on Salah cos he knows Salah the best right winger in the prem.

  • Adrian Frater
    Adrian Frater

    Me : 20 futties picks still waiting for a 90 rated card Castro : toty in 3

  • Destan Diljen
    Destan Diljen


  • UrMum IsMyDad
    UrMum IsMyDad

    Got toty cr7 and headliners benzema

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi

    Bro i just got lewa 98 TOTY in the player pick how lucky am i😭

    • S

      Me too

  • K9R

    He be saying October and December when it’s July

  • DAVID Pito
    DAVID Pito

    Vero noooob fidel castro ahahah

  • epannlipan

    this is why i dont want to watch the rtg because the rtg never get to the end :)

  • OfficialMtox


  • Chris Voerman
    Chris Voerman

    First one i did i got toty lewa, ramos and big boy cr7

  • Matthew Randall
    Matthew Randall

    Wait isn’t Laporte french

  • Michał Zabielski
    Michał Zabielski


  • thomas fieldwick
    thomas fieldwick

    Bring back opening cards !

  • Katy Phelan
    Katy Phelan

    cut scene alex hunter's girlfriend it won't let ask a question to the character katie.??

  • Alex Dakers
    Alex Dakers

    October? Oh Castro… it’s July bro

  • Alex Dakers
    Alex Dakers

    My brother did 2, got TOTY Lewa and TOTY VVD back to back. Ridiculous

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    Bring back the greenscreen jump

  • totally my dog
    totally my dog

    I got hazard rttf suarez otw and kante whatif and im really pissed i didnt get one toty when other people get ramos toty duplicates and lewandowski toty and van dijk and de bruyne and act like its nothing

  • psg tom
    psg tom


  • The Hatter
    The Hatter

    It’s called ea milking what they can and trynna make fifa look good by releasing things that should have been out a long time ago

  • Nezze

    Got Benzema back to back then ramos toty

  • JahirIsHere

    We’re gonna ignore the fact that it’s fucking JULY and bro thinks it’s October and September?? This game has taken a toll on him damn (Edit: just got done with the vid and now he thinks it’s November wtf)

    • Cliiched

      @Mr Casinoo part timers? People have other shit to do idk like jobs

    • Brum K
      Brum K

      @JahirIsHere 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • JahirIsHere

      @Mr Casinoo I get that you’re proud to watch his streams but I personally couldn’t be bothered and it’s funny nonetheless. So.. 🥴

    • Mr Casinoo
      Mr Casinoo

      Watch the streams and maybe you would understand.. he’s exaggerating how late in the game cycle we are.. ffs part timers

    • yeetusfeetus get delitus
      yeetusfeetus get delitus

      It painful to hear him say it

  • Sebikai

    Its july

  • Oscar Magnusson
    Oscar Magnusson

    I got 98 Messi

  • Toke Dige
    Toke Dige


  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones


  • Max sollis
    Max sollis

    It’s July not November

  • Owen Phillips
    Owen Phillips

    I’ve gotten all terrible cards from 5 player picks….best has been son

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    I swear EA have made them worse now cuz when they first came out I packed Ramos and cr7 now I pack Gomez, Ben yedder and 90+ players I don't need at all

  • british yoyo123
    british yoyo123

    Did two got fur bday sane and rttf salah

  • ASPECT Connortg
    ASPECT Connortg

    so we just ignoring the fact that castro thinks its october?

    • JahirIsHere

      That’s what I’m saying like wtf

  • Luke Charman
    Luke Charman

    I did one of these PPs and got Toty Lewandowski

  • Josh Runkee
    Josh Runkee

    I packed TOTY Ronaldo from this and also packed Summer Stars Ronaldo a week ago, both untradable though!

  • Johan Soerensen
    Johan Soerensen

    I got 93 hazard and 96 van dijk

  • Charlie Warner
    Charlie Warner

    Got smalling, fabregas and navas 😩

  • Dylan Berry
    Dylan Berry

    Don’t ever comment on anything , you’re mudeed

  • Trisha Gaming
    Trisha Gaming

    Thanks for the video

  • Kian bailey
    Kian bailey

    I got team of year Ronaldo and lewindowski

  • Mostu

    u smell

  • Felix Harris
    Felix Harris

    Got vandijk de bruyne and lewandoski all in one pick

  • DylanPolo

    wdym october

  • Kevvin.5

    packed 99 neymar @lulkev03 on twitter tag castro so he retweet’s

  • LegendGaming

    I did 8 got nothing good wow

  • LegendGaming

    Why does Castro’s menu look different to mine

  • Ethan Bryant
    Ethan Bryant

    I got mbappe 91 and big virj from 2 picks

  • Gabriel Sasso
    Gabriel Sasso

    I did 2 and got toty kdb and toty lewa

  • Jimmy Tallentire
    Jimmy Tallentire

    I got Toty lewondawski

  • Owen Coweison
    Owen Coweison

    I got f*cking dest😭

  • Josh Kindred
    Josh Kindred

    Good god Castro is so American it’s so annoying 😂

  • Viggo Wallin
    Viggo Wallin

    I opened just one and got cr7 toty

  • Derb

    Lmaoo someone’s getting fired

  • R B
    R B

    I got toty vvd and headliners Hernandez

  • Abdelaziz Mekkaoui
    Abdelaziz Mekkaoui

    Who cares its July

  • Tim Mazyrko
    Tim Mazyrko

    When you got fut birthday sterling they couldn’t stop giving you Oscar

  • Youssef Helmy
    Youssef Helmy

    I GOT CR7

  • zain _playz20
    zain _playz20

    i got kdb and ramos in same pick

  • FizzyG

    wtf is this i got 85 gosens 85 naingollan and 88 ruben dias from mine

    • FizzyG

      @Antti Laitila shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush

    • Antti Laitila
      Antti Laitila


  • Sam Emms
    Sam Emms

    My mate got 3 Totys in 1 pick

  • Joe Morrison
    Joe Morrison


  • James Harris
    James Harris

    Someone tell Castro it’s July

  • grassbandits

    I’ve done 3 picks. I got fut birthday Vardy, fut birthday Aouar, and toty Van Djik

  • Phoeniixx

    god toty lewa. why the fuck does what i’d kante pop up so much tho

  • The Flix
    The Flix


  • Gabriel R
    Gabriel R

    He should’ve showed us the squad he put into this sbc

  • Lawexpress

    I got David Silva at first and I was fuming, so I put him into another pp and I got toty Ronaldo 😂

  • Reid Curitti
    Reid Curitti

    I got toty ronaldo, what if thuavan, keylor and headliners son overall I’m pumped with the picks

  • big worm
    big worm

    Done 4 got toty ramos,toty Ronaldo, what if kante and 89 son card

  • Alexandru Maneci
    Alexandru Maneci

    I din 2 times futties and i packed first levandowski toty and CR7 toty lol my first time when i have a chance in fifa 21 🤣🤣❤

  • Attila Fabian
    Attila Fabian

    They can make another one like this but the cards will be from the SBCs or Objectives in this year